Chrome Divas is a not-for-profit riding group.  The San Diego Chapter was established in August 2014.  We are a FEMALE ONLY motorcycle riding group.  We participate in various events and charity fundraisers within our community.  We welcome, support and encourage new riders.

Our sisterhood is about providing a safe, fun riding environment and building long-lasting friendships.  Let’s ride and have fun!

Not everyone will be a fit for our group and we may not be a fit for you. We’re about Quality not Quantity.  We are NOT an MC, 1%er or gang and do not portray ourselves as such. If you’re looking to ride fast, hard with reckless abandon, we are not the group for you.

Becoming a Chapter Member or DIW

You will be considered a DIW (Diva in Waiting) if you have registered with the National Chrome Divas (<- click to join) organization ($25 initial and $15 renewal annually thereafter) and have attended at least two (2) meetings and two (2) group rides.

You will become a chapter member once you have met the minimum requirements:

  • Registered with the national organization
  • Have attended 3 meetings AND 3 motorcycle rides/events within a consecutive 6-month period
  • Completed the DIW application
  • Have been approved by the chapter primary officers
  • Paid annual dues: $20 (prorated as applicable)

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